International College Hong Kong
Jan 18, 2021

Deep Learning Showcase

ICHK’s pioneering Deep Learning programme is to be showcased at a flagship educational conference.

Director of Creativity: Deep Learning and Head of PE Raymond Chan will be presenting at the 21CLHK/GELS online conference.

He will be speaking about Deep Learning, one of the ICHK innovations which serves to offer our students more choice, more flexibility, different work practices and more opportunities to develop skills and attributes which are not addressed by examinations.

The programme features an incredible series of creative study experiences which all extend learning beyond the confines of the classroom, and give students the chance to explore and delve into a feature of the curriculum in more detail.

All require leadership, problem solving and teamwork skills, whilst also testing students’ concentration and focus, ability to make decisions, their humour and dynamism.

The aim is to introduce new passions and open students’ eyes to something new. What that is very much depends on the student. For some it will be helping a primary school child in a waterfall during a Wild Science day. For another it will be trying something totally new like Cantonese Opera, water sports, or glass-blowing, and trying it not just as a one-off experience but knowing that they are sharing in a passion of one of their teachers who will be there to support them in the journey if it becomes their passion too.

We are delighted that Raymond has been invited to share details of our programme with delegates from schools from around the world, as interest in our innovations, programmes and curricula continues to grow.


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