International College Hong Kong
Feb 01, 2021

Connect & Recharge

Our younger students have been welcomed into school for our first Connect & Recharge sessions.

Students from Years 7-9 joined us for morning sessions, reconnecting with their friends and enjoying a range of energising outdoor activities.

The spectacular countryside on the school’s doorstep has been their classroom, with teachers and outdoor educators running a programme of different activities every day.

The students have enjoyed exploration, meditation and species spotting. One of the activities for our Year 7s was an indigenous animal tracking exercise, where they looked for signs of boar and deer and then chose where to set up a wildlife camera.

All the sessions have been carefully planned for students to reconnect with their friends, and focus on those areas of the learning experience which are most absent when school is delivered online : exercise, social bonding, team dynamics, boosting energy, and lifting spirits.

The emphasis is very much on safeguarding our younger students’ mental and physical wellbeing, strengthening interpersonal relationships, and ensuring a positive connection to school, which is critical during these times of online learning.

Attendance and energy levels have been high and we look forward to another round of the programme this week.

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