International College Hong Kong
May 25, 2023

Core Week

Senior students will be working with a leading expert on Hong Kong’s pink dolphins next week.

Year 12s will be spending time with Dr Lindsay Porter, a lead researcher from SEAMAR, to learn more about the local Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoise and the Humpback Dolphins.

SEAMAR investigates the viability of the dolphins and porpoises and evaluates threats to their habitats with the aim of making recommendations to the government on ways to sustainably develop the land in Hong Kong.

ICHK and SEAMAR have developed a strong partnership in recent years, providing fantastic opportunities for research work for our senior students.

Our Year 12s will spend a day on SEAMAR’s research boat next week, learning how drones are used to collect in scientific research and how they collect data in marine life.

The day will be a critical part of IB Core+4 week, which will see students off timetable and engaged in activities related to their IB Core components, including Theory of Knowledge, CAS and Extended Essay, subject coursework and higher education information.

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