International College Hong Kong
May 22, 2023

Wellness Challenge Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt with a difference was enjoyed by Year 9s.

A special mental health themed event was designed for them, as part of a new Wellness Challenge.

Head of Year 9 Jennie Davies devised a series of goals and activities for the students during Curriculum X time.

They had to complete a number of tasks including an emotion photo challenge, capturing different emotional expressions through photographs; a mental health fact hunt; a safe places and supportive people challenge; a laughter relay; a group plank challenge and a gratitude task.

The aim of all the activities was to boost positive emotions, develop team spirit and foster good mental health practices.

Other challenges have been planned for the coming weeks, including a quiz and Ready Steady Cook event. The initiative will end with a pizza party for the winning group.

All the activities have been designed to support students and help them develop strong mental health practices as they move through adolescence. In a positive environment, students are supported and empowered to develop their strengths, ensuring they are happy, mentally healthy and well equipped to face the challenges of school and beyond.

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