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May 27

Graduation Speech : Class of 2024

Let me begin by saying congratulations to the class of 2024. You’ve made it through, you’ve reached the end of the road - or this section of it, at least - and you stand on the threshold of whatever is to come, aka the rest of your lives.

Apr 29

The ICHK Pin

To provide a fitting education, one that equips students for what lies ahead, schools must remain constantly alert to changes in the world at large.

Mar 25

End of Term Assembly and Award Ceremony Address

Twelve months ago, as I stood behind this lectern, you might remember me saying that of the four whole-school assemblies that we stage each year, it is this one, at the end of Term 2, that is the most bittersweet by far.

Jan 08

End of Term 1 Assembly and Award Ceremony Address

Seasoned listeners are likely to recognise some of the themes that I am touching on. Indeed, hard-core fans might recall the material I am drawing on from previous Christmas assemblies, because, well, it’s Christmas, and proper celebration always requires drawing on certain traditions.

Jun 26

End of Term 3 Assembly and Award Ceremony Address

Welcome, one and all, to the end of year assembly 2022-23. 

May 31

Graduation Speech: Class of 2023

After a lifetime spent delving into the complexities of the human psyche, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was convinced of the reality of what he termed the collective unconscious. 

Mar 31

End of Term 2 Assembly and Award Ceremony Address

The assembly at the end of Term 2 is always a bittersweet affair. It is the final occasion on which we share a whole school event with our Year 13 students.

Jan 04

End of Term 1 Assembly and Awards Ceremony Address

What a pleasure it is to be able to assemble once again in person to mark the end of a challenging but ultimately rewarding term.

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