International College Hong Kong
Apr 17, 2023

CAS Portfolios

Senior students have completed a major milestone in their IB studies.

Year 13s have submitted their final CAS portfolios, and prepared short videos reviewing their work over the past year.

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is at the core of the IBO’s Diploma Programme, and is one of its greatest attractions to universities and employers.

CAS involves students in a range of self-chosen learning experiences enabling them to enhance their personal and interpersonal development beyond academic subjects, by exploring new areas and diving deeper into areas that most interest them.

Every year our students take part in a diverse range of activities. The circumstances of the past year have added extra challenges, but they have shown incredible resilience and creativity in finding projects to lead.

CAS Coordinator Nicolas Arriaga said the students were to be highly praised.

Their work gives real insights into this area of IB studies, and the ‘21st Century non cognitive’ skills they develop, which lead them to stand out when applying to universities, and help to set them up for life as confident, interdependent, self-assured adults.

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