International College Hong Kong
Mar 27, 2023

Year 9 Wild Nights Out

Year 9 students are being introduced to the Outdoor Leader programme, in a series of ‘Wild Night Out’ camps.

Overnight camps have been arranged for the students by our outdoor education team.

Students who choose to take part are learning how to prepare their own meals, set up tents and take part in activities which give them an insight into the role of an ICHK Outdoor Leader.

After a night at Kong Ha Au campsite, the students join their class the next day at the Mui Tsz Lam Forest Village project.

Together they spend time clearing a section of woodland to become a campsite and communal gathering area for future visitors and students, as part of a regeneration of abandoned villages in the Plover Cove Country Park.

The first camp was held last week and allowed students to engage with the Forest Village project more deeply, as well as enjoying a night with friends.

It also offered them the chance to find out more about the Outdoor Leader programme, which will be offered to them in Year 10. This unique initiative recognises work in outdoor education, and helps to develop key life skills including communication, planning, organisation and problem solving. As well as providing unique learning experiences, the programme is a major addition to student portfolios and university applications.

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