International College Hong Kong
Nov 14, 2022

AYP Expedition Training

Students have begun training for their Bronze Award for Young People.

Four teams of Year 10s and 11s are preparing for a two day hiking expedition as part of the AYP.

They have completed practice hikes, learnt camp-craft skills, how to navigate, how to deal with emergencies on the hill, how to cook a filling meal and have also planned their own routes.

The activities have all been planned to help them set goals, develop leadership skills, and learn the importance of planning, commitment, perseverance, enterprise and effort.

The AYP is an internationally recognised award which promotes student independence. Students need to pursue activities in the four categories of skill, physical recreation, service and expedition.

ICHK students complete the award as its goals exactly match our aims to develop the critical skills of collaboration, problem solving and decision-making. We are also able to utilise our unique location, which offers students unrivalled opportunities for outdoor education.

The work so far has been preparing students to lead themselves on their own expedition in December, with adult staff supervising and only stepping in to prevent major problems.

Expeditions are a fantastic way for young people to work as part of a team, develop independence and put a project into practice. Expeditioning is now available for older students as a credit with their Mastery Transcript.

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