Parent Voices

Parent Voices

Testimonials from within our parent community.

“ICHK has provided a broadened school life for my son. Academic results and other activities, like sport, social services, outings and performing art are well-balanced. We as parents can feel the passion of the school in education. Teachers are among the best I have ever seen. My son loves the school and classmates so much.” – Stanley Chan

“One often hears the refrain, “Best kept secret” as a nod to excellence or some higher standard. We believe that ICHK Secondary is indeed the best kept secret in international education in Hong Kong. The school culture exudes flexibility, innovation, and inspiration. We originally took a tour for our daughter and at its conclusion knew the program and people showed great promise for her older brother as well. We’re thrilled with the outcomes and both are eager to attend each day. We consider ourselves very privileged to have our children on such a strategically situated green campus under the tutelage of highly qualified and experienced staff with an ethos and approaches to learning we can all agree on.” – Bryant and Lucy McEntire

“Happy school with happy students, students are well behaved; the school is close to nature – a wonderful community.” – Kelly Chan

“As a parent, the most important aspect about ICHK is that all the teachers, right up to the Head of School give supports to my son; it is always about how to help my son to learn. From all these activities my son has been improving his self-management skills as well as getting physically stronger. Thank you everyone in ICHK Secondary…job well done.” – Father of Ambrose

“A small school with big vision, a remote campus with close touch, a free atmosphere with guided supervision, a harmonious community with diverse backgrounds. An amazing learning community where students, teachers and parents have mutual understanding and respect, share a growth mindset, perceive tomorrow’s challenges, and strive to nurture the right kind of talents for the 21st century.” – Elsie Chan

“Any school must address some basic concerns. On the one side are the needs and learning styles of the individual student. On the other, of course, are those objective standards that we wish students to attain. As a school attempts to balance the individual student with hoped for outcomes, many parents, aware of the demands of tertiary education and life thereafter, would tilt toward the standards side of the ledger, hoping their child “will be made to thrive” in this competitive world. More aspirational parents may even entertain such hopes before considering their child’s interests and aptitudes, thinking simply that students must be pushed to excel.

But of course there must be a balance between standards and individual learner abilities, which are unique to the student. As a parent of a girl and a boy soon to graduate, each with their own styles of learning, this has become clear to me. And in my opinion, ICHK Secondary gets this crucial balance right. Standards are the focus, yet the individual needs of the student are never forgotten.

How does this work? A big factor is that the smaller class sizes at ICHK that allow teachers greater attention to specific learner needs. Also, this is one reason why the school attracts and retains such good staff.

Another is the ethos and spirit of this new and distinctive school— it is simply that we can prepare students for the demands of an ever changing world while never forgetting their individual needs. It’s not that we identify the best scholars, we are all scholars. We do not only celebrate top athletes, we are all athletes. And we measure ourselves today only against ourselves yesterday. We can recognize that it is not a curriculum that we cultivate, but more an ability to learn, and the very love of learning, that will stick with us the rest of our lives.

In my seven years of experience with the secondary school, I can say that the administration, teachers and students have not disappointed, but have inspired me. I can solidly endorse ICHK, its teachers and leadership. Oh, and that goes for our students as well. We’ve grown up with these young adults, and we’re very proud of them.” – Jeff Coey

“Our choice of secondary school for our son was governed by the same principles and values which had driven us when choosing a primary school. We wanted a school which provided the best possible nurturing environment where our son would feel comfortable and confident to learn to the best of his ability.

We have found ICHK to be a caring community school offering small class sizes, where each child receives individual, personalised attention. All the teachers know the students by name. A strong leadership team and passionate teaching staff lead by example to be “the best they can be” and expect no less from their students.

Their enquiry-based and innovative curriculum ensures that each student is challenged to push their boundaries and reach their full potential in a supportive environment, where a growth mindset is encouraged. Communication channels between school and home are excellent and facilitate an open and honest dialogue.

ICHK is something very unique in Hong Kong – a vibrant school with a caring heart. They appreciate the importance of developing each student holistically, not only striving for academic excellence but also helping students to find their intellectual, physical and emotional balance. They take full advantage of their green surroundings, offering many outdoor and sporting activites which utilise the beautiful countryside around the school.

Every time we go to the school we are impressed by the friendly, confident and inclusive students in the playground. We are always greeted by smiling, happy faces right across the board – teachers, students and staff alike. And a happy child, in a happy environment, is a child that will learn well.” – Sonia Kulenkampff-Boedecker

“We have just returned from this year’s ski trip to Japan. It was our first trip away with the school and I wanted to thank you and the school for organising a trip for the students but for also allowing families to go together.

We not only had fun, made friends with parents and teachers we have not had the chance to get to know before, but also had the pleasure of seeing our children have fun in such a unique environment.

I know the school talks about community but I have seen it in action this week in a way that has shocked me. To see children from different grades and ages group together and look after each other so they were safe on the mountain and on transport was lovely enough, but more than that, they showed real caring and tolerance for one another that is simply unseen in this current age. They were also a credit to their parents as they were well mannered and very polite to all the parents and represented the school in a very proud way.

The biggest point I want to make though is the dedication of Mr Chan and Mr Blain to making sure everyone had a great time, were safe, learnt new skills and went home with new friends and respect for each other (adults and children alike). They were always present with new challenges and imaginative ways to entertain a huge group of children with endless enthusiasm and attention spent on all the children regardless of the hour. I cannot tell them how thankful I am that they are such hard working, dedicated individuals.” – Janine Davies

“ICHK does dare to be different and encourages its students to express themselves and test for themselves their own boundaries. It is refreshing in Hong Kong to have an international school that while pushing its own boundaries of how students learn, it is doing so while not being preoccupied with the grades, or potential grades of students applying to go there.

Perhaps most importantly, students are not forced into a predetermined mould of appearance and behaviour. They need the space and opportunity to express themselves. Yes, it must be in a way that is respectful and not offensive to others but it does not need to restrict their individual expression.

This would not be allowed in other schools in Hong Kong. We are so glad that both our children were able to spend all, or at least the majority of their secondary education at ICHK; in an environment which has allowed them to develop and learn as individuals.” – Stuart Cranfield