Expert Voices

Expert Voices

Testimonials from beyond our learning community.

“In a few years, when the rest of this part of the world better understands and appreciates the value proposition that you are offering, you will be in the position of being among the first adaptors. You will be seen as having been cutting edge and in touch with the importance of this approach, helping students to be in the best possible position to meet the challenges they face in the future.” Joe Rosenthal, Executive Director of Harker School

“International College Hong Kong is a close-knit community that clearly cares about its student body and their transition from primary education and preparation for life beyond school. The school embraces innovation in educational practice, and its staff are encouraged to explore opportunities to delve beyond usual school practices. There are a number of truly innovative projects being employed by the school which are steeped in educational research and adapted for their personal use; the school is an exciting place in which to work.” – Council of International Schools Visiting Team 2014

“ICHK has strong links with the international community, and along with its academic programmes, the school offers students many opportunities for interdisciplinary learning outside of the classroom.” – Consulate General of Spain Hong Kong

“ICHK offers students the opportunity to think critically, ethically and creatively.” – Professor Chris Wong, President HK Association for Science and Technology

“ICHK Hong Lok Yuen presents as a school that is justly proud of its history, its many achievements and of all who make up the school’s diverse community. The Visiting Team was struck by the depth of the family and community feel in the school. This is one of the reasons many families choose to educate their children at Hong Lok Yuen. The Visiting Team members were impressed with the friendly, articulate and enthusiastic students who were actively engaged in their learning and enjoyed positive and respectful relationships with their teachers and their peers.” – Richard Bennetts, Team Chair, Council of international Schools


“The system of teaching and learning adopted by the school … ensures that teaching and learning fosters a stimulating learning environment based on mutual understanding and respect.” – International Baccalaureate Organisation

“You have built an outstanding learning environment at ICHK and we feel very privileged to be working with you and your staff.” – Meredith Wenta, Executive Principal, Kirwan State High School, Queensland

“ICHK offers a unique blend of quality education to global standards; flexibility in curricula that prepares students for a range of academic pathways; a community feel that nurtures and inspires students to achieve academically, creatively and in sports, and to develop spiritually and emotionally; an inclusive environment that develops both high achievers and those with learning challenges.

ICHK has a strong leadership team and a vision of education that’s dynamic, yet relevant, inspiring and inclusive.

ICHK has strong leadership, inspirational teaching staff and a proven academic track record – with top achievers in international academic testing and top regional achievements in sports and the arts.” – Beryl Cook, Global Executive Vice President, News Corporation

“What a fantastic, warm, caring community.” – Pat Edgar, Education Consultant

“ICHK Hong Lok Yuen is a school filled with magic, wellbeing and a soulful heart. You see children running into school and when you walk through the gates the sound of happy, joyful children is testament to the joy of learning. The staff are very special, supporting each other and making everyone feel valued. There’s a magical feel to this school and it’s a place where you want to stay and not leave. Thank you to ICHK for making my journey to you a very special experience. Gratitude to you all.” Nina Jackson, Education Consultant

“Your school has a lovely feel. It wasn’t trying to be anything other than what it was – a happy place for children to learn.” – Ian Gilbert, Author and Educational Speaker