International College Hong Kong
Apr 17, 2023

Touch Rugby Ceremony

A special event has been held to honour the Year 13 students who have contributed so much to touch rugby at ICHK.

The group of students was commended for their dedication and commitment over the past seven years, as they prepare to finish their time at ICHK.

The students, who act as coaches to their younger peers, held their final training session before leaving to prepare for their IB exams.

Head of PE Raymond Chan held a formal ceremony for them at school, in which they read out letters explaining what they had learnt from the sport and what they would miss.

Held around a small fire, the ceremony was inspired by American basketball coach Phil Jackson, as described in his book ‘Eleven Rings’.

Through their involvement with our rugby programme, our Year 13s have developed leadership skills, as they have acted as coaches and mentors. They have taken on responsibility for training and performance, communicating their vision, motivating and passing on their skills and experience. They have all shown they understand the 5+1 model, putting it into practice themselves and displaying it in their own experiences, fully understanding the concepts of growth mindset and learning zone.

Thank you to all the girls in this team for their dedication and commitment throughout their time at ICHK.

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