International College Hong Kong
May 24, 2022

The ICHK School Media Team

We are delighted to unveil ICHK’s first ever School Media Team.

A total of eight students have been appointed to the new leadership programme. It follows a special training day which saw 22 students working on a range of real-world tasks and activities.

Their creative work, along with their collaborative and self-management skills, was assessed before final decisions were made about the team.

The SMT will lead new initiatives including ICHK TV, the ICHK Podcast and the ICHK Media and Film Festival. Members will also develop, create and publish a range of content for projects including Insight Magazine, ICHK’s Yearbook and promotional material for SRC events.

The SMT will launch in August with a designated form group which will work closely with the SRC as a student led collective.

The programme provides exciting new leadership opportunities for our students and ways for them to participate and contribute to the school community.

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