International College Hong Kong
Mar 15, 2019

The ICHK Diploma

The inaugural ICHK Diploma was awarded to Isaac Wan and led to his acceptance at the University of Vancouver.

Isaac’s is a true success story, and his journey represents exactly what ICHK stands for as a school.

Isaac left ICHK after completing his GCSEs, to study A-Levels in the UK. He found the experience to be un-instructive and so returned to us to continue his educational journey. Isaac has always wanted to pursue his passion for music and the IB Diploma did not allow him to do this in the way he wished.

Determined to help him achieve his dream and secure a place at university, we worked with him to build a unique and authentic programme, which would provide him with the attributes and skills he needed. The result was the ICHK Diploma which is a combination of qualifications and achievements.

It is stories like this that make ICHK the school it is  - one that is openly and honestly searching for better ways to help young people learn and attain their ambitions and aspirations.

Our innovations to timetable, curriculum and pedagogy, such as Free Learning, Human Technologies and Deep Learning, are serving to provide our students with more choice, more flexibility, different work practices, and more opportunities to develop skills and attributes which are not addressed by examinations.

We are very proud that through our work as a school, we have helped Isaac achieve his university dream of studying music. We continue to work with other students seeking to realise their aspirations for their futures, which are not provided for under the IBDP.

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