International College Hong Kong

Selene Lee

Central Saint Martins

Selene Lee spent six years at ICHK and is currently studying at Central Saint Martins.

How many years did you spend at ICHK?

I started ICHK at Year 8 when the school first opened and 6 years later graduated at Year 13.

What course / university are you studying at?

In Central Saint Martins I currently study the course Culture, Curation, and Criticism.

What did you most enjoy about your time at ICHK?

Mostly classes that needed analysis, it was fun to exercise my critical thinking. I also have the most fun being competitive in PE games.

How do you feel that teachers at ICHK prepared you for life after school?

Not only do you learn to be flexible in terms of personal schedules, workloads, and class environments; it is also the different classmates and teachers that you need to learn to not only respect but also work together. It is the attitude of mutual respect that allows both student and teachers to gain more understanding of each other that makes learning and teaching effective.

Are there any teachers that you would single out for their work with you?

Personally I would like to thank Mr Clarke, Miss Lee, Miss Cook, and Mr Spadafora for their feedback throughout my studies in ICHK. It is their constructive criticism and overall friendliness that makes me compelled to be better.

How do you think that ICHK differs from other schools?

One unique feature I realised during my time at ICHK was the interactions of teachers and students due to the sizes of the classrooms being relatively small, but it is this advantage that helps teachers realise the strengths and weaknesses of individuals so they can create a class that effectively teaches all.

What were the key skills that you learnt at ICHK? 

One major skill which influenced where I study in university was the ability to analyse and observe. For my course based on analytical research and visual understanding, those skills stood out to me when it came to class performances. Another major skill that I was happy to learn is time management, when it comes to balancing work and leisure I realised strategising with my time can go a long way.

Any significant moments / highlights / achievements at university so far that you may like to share, and do you think your time at ICHK helped you prepare for them?

Knowing what a bibliography is and how to use it effectively. In my class of 60 where the average age is 22-26 and less than a handful are 18-20, more than half of them do not know what a bibliography is and we needed 2 classes to know how to use a bibliography and the proper use of footnotes. The essays you will write in IB are your best chances of practicing this skill and it will make it easier for your first few weeks of university. Good Luck!

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