International College Hong Kong
Sep 04, 2023

Outdoor Leadership Training

Year 10 students have started working towards their Outdoor Leadership Awards.

They have been taking part in special training this week, in preparation for a programme of outdoor events.

The training was aimed at preparing them for Wild Science and Adventure days, which are held for our partner primary schools.

On these days, our student leaders work with younger students to ensure they have an exciting, safe, and educational experience. They play games with them, support them in the outdoors, share stories and help engage them with a range of fun activities.

In recent years, our student leaders have played an integral role in helping their younger peers to explore nature, step out of their comfort zones, and develop valuable life skills.

In turn, the Outdoor Leaders gain self-confidence, leadership abilities, real experience in taking responsibility for others, solve problems, and improve at personal management. They also contribute to a sense of community, service, and place at ICHK.

After completing their training, our student leaders will be looking forward to the Wild Science days which will begin later this month. Students who volunteer for at least four days will be awarded our unique Outdoor Leader Certificate as a mark of their growth.

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