International College Hong Kong
Jan 15, 2024

New Bike Fleet

ICHK has recently acquired a brand-new fleet of bicycles to enrich our students' learning experiences and empower them to explore the world around them in a more independent and eco-friendly manner.

The new bikes will serve multiple purposes within our school community. Firstly, they will be used during physical education lessons, providing students with an engaging and enjoyable way to stay active and develop their cycling skills. Cycling lessons will be introduced to students in our younger years, allowing them to acquire fundamental biking techniques and road safety awareness from an early age.

Moreover, bicycles will continue to play a key role in our outdoor learning excursions.

Students use the bicycles to venture into the local area with staff, enjoying its natural beauty and Hakka villages on two wheels. This hands-on approach to education will not only deepen their understanding of the world but also foster a sense of independence and self-reliance.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, the old bicycles will be donated to the Crossroads Foundation. Crossroads specialises in repairing and distributing donated items to those in need, both in Hong Kong and across the globe. By extending the life cycle of these bicycles, we contribute to reducing waste and empowering individuals who may not have access to such resources.

The acquisition of the bike fleet aligns with ICHK's values of holistic education, environmental stewardship, and global citizenship. We believe that through this endeavour, our students will not only develop physical fitness and cycling skills but also cultivate a deep appreciation for sustainable transportation and the power of giving back.

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