International College Hong Kong
Jun 23, 2020

Mastery Transcript Awards

We are delighted to announce that ICHK has awarded some of the very first Mastery Transcripts in the world.

Year 13 students Eric Chen, Serena Cheung, Oscar Chow, Lore van Eetvelt, Katie Leung, Ivan Choy and Alvin Ng, have become our first ever recipients of the new qualification.

When we joined the Mastery Transcript Consortium two years ago, the time horizon for developing and issuing Transcripts was estimated at perhaps eight to ten years. But the movement soon heated up, with more and more schools joining the Consortium from all around the world, as the urgency of devising the innovative qualification became evident.

Even so, cutting that original provisional target date by 80% has been an incredible achievement.

So it is that ICHK is proud to be one of just five schools that have developed an approach to authenticating students' efforts and capturing them within our electronic school management system, Gibbon. Other schools are just a few steps behind us in the journey and, as they too begin issuing on their students' behalf in the next couple of years, we look forward to witnessing MTs taking their place as a new genuinely international hallmark of student excellence.

As it is, though, our seven trailblazers have the honour of being amongst the very first global cohort of MT graduates, and the first in Hong Kong.

Everyone at ICHK congratulates them for seizing the opportunity to work towards the qualification, demonstrating the resilience, commitment and organisational skills that we aim to develop in all our students.

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