International College Hong Kong
Jan 23, 2023

Junior Achievement Club

ICHK students have become young entrepreneurs and launched their own small business.

A group of students in the Junior Achievement Club have been working hard to design and launch their own products.

Junior achievement is an internationally recognized inter-school competition where, with the assistance of an advisor from the world of business and commerce, students learn to run a fully functioning, profit-generating organisation.

Our students have established and are operating their very own company as they would in the real business world. Their efforts will culminate in a huge JA product fair at K11 in the spring where all of the Hong Kong JA firms will offer their products for sale to the public.

Under the company name S-MugBags, students have overseen their first production run of Hong Kong-themed socks, mugs and bags.

Working together in the JA club, they have been able to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and 21st-century skills, including goal-setting, creative problem-solving, teamwork, communication, digital marketing and learning from mistakes.

You can follow company updates on Instagram @smug_bags

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