International College Hong Kong
Jan 31, 2024

Internship Programme Gets Underway

Our internship programme for Year 10 students has begun.

Twenty students started their eight week placements at the Crossroads Foundation, the Partnership for Nature Education and Conservation, ICHK Hong Lok Yuen, EcoSys Action and Kadoorie Farm.

The organisations have put together tailor-made programmes to give real insights into their line of work.

All have been designed to give students valuable opportunities to develop life skills, gain real life experience and build on their portfolios for university and life beyond school.

This is the second year of the unique programme, and students will spent one afternoon a week working with the organisations.

The internship programme is tightly associated with our epistemic apprenticeship, with the focus not just on the immediate performance, but equally on the cumulative development that is going on behind the specific tasks. Students will be taking a significant step towards assuming responsibility for their own learning, a foretaste of the all-important self-starting and self-regulating skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

It has been a superb start for all our students, and they are looking forward to taking on more responsibility over the coming weeks.

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