International College Hong Kong
Jan 31, 2024

Dynasty Football

The ICHK Champions League 2024 was an exciting day of football and fun, with a large number of students participating to represent their respective houses and teams.

The tournament witnessed some remarkable individual and team performances and showcased the camaraderie and competitive spirit of our students.

In the lower year boys’ pool, both of the Song teams displayed exceptional teamwork and determination and ultimately made it to the final, with the Song 1 team finally prevailing in a tightly contested match.

The girl’s pool also saw teams battling it out, with the Ming and Song teams offering up a nail-biting finale, with the victor having to be decided with a sudden death penalty shootout. With all of the students and staff watching on in anticipation, the Song girls’ team ultimately emerged victorious, proving their mettle and skill under immense pressure.

The upper-year boys final was also not outdone by the girls, as the two Song and Tang teams also concluded their match with a penalty shootout. However, late drama ensued as the referee controversially ordered a penalty to be retaken, which was then scored in the second attempt. Ming were, however, able to eventually stay the course and emerge victorious.

The tournament was an exhilarating event and a celebration of the sporting spirit found at ICHK. It provided an important opportunity for friendly competition, fostering a sense of community and sportsmanship among everyone involved.

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