International College Hong Kong
May 11, 2021

Growth of the Mastery Transcript

We are very pleased to share news about the global growth of the Mastery Transcript over the past year.

Eleven schools sent Mastery Transcripts to college admission offices in 2020-2021, and more than 160 colleges have offered admission to one or more applicants at the time of writing.

ICHK is a member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium, a group of progressive, pioneering schools, dedicated to transforming what educational assessment can capture and express, thereby revolutionizing how universities and employers conceive of the secondary phase.

We were the first school in Hong Kong, and one of just five in the world to graduate students with the qualification in its worldwide debut in August 2020.

Students in Years 10-13 are all working towards this new qualification, which is offered as an additional qualification to the IB. It aims to value and recognise graduating students for all their attributes, capabilities, passions, achievements, and interests, not just for their academic attainment.

The journey towards Mastery begins in Years 10, where students can work towards becoming a ‘journeyman’, through engagement with projects, activities, and other learning experiences.

Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 build on this work to the point where they become Masters and credits can be awarded for substantial, self-directed, verifiable achievements.

When we joined the Mastery Transcript Consortium two years ago, the time horizon for developing and issuing Transcripts was estimated at perhaps eight to ten years. But the movement soon heated up, with more and more schools joining the Consortium from all around the world, as the urgency of devising the innovative qualification became evident.

We are so encouraged to witness MTs taking their place as a new genuinely international hallmark of student excellence.

You can find out more about the MT at ICHK, including reading transcripts from two of our students, by clicking HERE.

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