International College Hong Kong
Apr 19, 2021

Environment Inspires Students

Our creative Year 8s have been using the local environment to help them with their studies of war poetry.

Students visited the Luk Keng war bunkers near our school as part of their English lessons.

They were able to spend time thinking of the experiences of soldiers in this setting, before returning to school and writing poetry inspired by the excursion.

The activity was part of a study of war poetry, under the guidance of their English teacher Alyson Donaldson, and linked to the ‘romantic’ stage of understanding, identified by the educational thinker Kieran Egan, which informs our school’s 5+1 pastoral model.

Our location provides fantastic opportunities for so much outdoor learning. This visit provided an authentic look at the historical connections of this part of Hong Kong, leading to great steps forward in the students’ thinking, learning and understanding.

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