International College Hong Kong
Sep 18, 2023

Gardening Club

Our budding young gardeners have been receiving some expert advice.

Students in the Tuesday activity met with CAS Coordinator Nicolas Arriaga, who gave them a tour of his basil patch at school.

Nicolas has been domesticating the herb in Hong Kong for 18 years, and was able to offer some excellent advice on aphid detection and ecosystems, along with tips for propagation of plants.

It is hoped that with ongoing nurturing from the gardening club, the patch can be revived and lead to some top quality pesto being made.

The gardening club is a new activity, being run on Tuesdays and for students in the +1 Centre, under the guidance of Sustainability Coordinator Jon Rees.

Students are enjoying all the many benefits of their work, including contact with nature and getting oxygenated outside of the classroom. They are learning through interactive science experiments, as well as thinking about healthy eating, learning persistence, responsibility and patience.

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