International College Hong Kong

Free Learning Book

In 2021, a book on ICHK’s ground-breaking Free Learning programme was published by Routledge.

Free Learning: A Student-Directed Pedagogy in Asia & Beyond has been co-authored by Director of Technology and Assessment Ross Parker, and includes chapters from Head of School Toby Newton, Head of Humanities Alex Hall and Learning Systems Specialist Sandra Kuipers.

The foreword was written by world renowned educationist Yong Zhao, who writes of Free Learning: “I love the approach. Part of the educational transformation I have been advocating together with many others is students as owners of their learning. Free Learning changes the traditional model of learning by placing students as the owners. It gives students choices and “content is not taught to, but rather discovered by, students, who gain an enhanced degree of agency over learning.”

A number of chapters focus on our school, including an overview of the serial innovations that created the conditions for Free Learning to be understood and adopted, the Free Learning programme and its extension to other education providers. 

The publication followed a research paper and the roll out of the programme to trainee teachers at the Education University of Hong Kong, and work to establish a framework for its use in secondary and tertiary education, and beyond.



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