International College Hong Kong
Oct 08, 2018

Deep Learning Continues

Another amazing day of Deep Learning has been enjoyed by students .

Day 2 of the trailblazing programme extended learning beyond the classroom.

Students continued their studies into bread-making, bamboo creativity, sewing and the history of fashion, street art, the science of happiness, rope rigging, the technology of writing, and much more.

They worked in and around school, making their way to different parts of the territory for the second day of our unique programme – acquiring a huge amount of new knowledge along the way.

The study programme, which has been developed at ICHK, is aimed at encouraging independence, motivation, enjoyment and depth in learning. It combines aspects of Maths, Science, Literacy and all units require leadership, problem solving, communication and teamwork skills.

The students will build on their learning with another two full days dedicated to the programme this month.

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