International College Hong Kong

Classroom Graffiti Art

The very first classroom graffiti art appeared in Room C108, just a couple of years after ICHK opened.

Director of Technology Ross Parker approached two Art students to help with a spray painting project he envisioned for his classroom.

The aim was to create a series of meaningful and thought-provoking quotes, which would inspire discussions and encourage the critical thinking skills which are central at ICHK.

Students cut the stencils and got to work with spray paint to create the artwork which is now a familiar focal point in the first floor classroom.

The second quote ‘For sudden the worst turns the best to the brave’ is taken from Robert Browning’s short poem Prospice. The words were supposedly spoken by polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton to his men during his final Antarctic expedition, which has become famous as a tale of remarkable perseverance. A later quote, pictured here, ‘Just because it’s on the board doesn’t make it true’ has led to many memorable classroom debates.

This early approach to street art has sparked the creation of more artwork around different corners of the campus, creating a style and a message for students that has become unique to ICHK.

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