International College Hong Kong
May 01, 2023

CIS Accreditation

We are delighted that ICHK has been awarded International Re-Accreditation from the Council of International Schools.

This is a mark of recognition held exclusively by schools around the world that exemplify high quality standards in international education.

The award follows a rigorous process which included an extensive self-study, an evaluation visit and a detailed examination of all the school’s philosophy and practices.

The Team Evaluation Report contains 45 commendations (of which 11 are major commendations) that celebrate what we are accomplishing as a community, as well as some recommendations for how we can continue to develop the school still further.

We are particularly pleased to have achieved commendations in all eight domains of the report. These include Purpose and Direction; Governance; Ownership and Leadership; The Curriculum; Teaching and Assessing for Learning; Wellbeing; Staffing; Premises, Facilities, Technology Systems and Auxiliary Services; Community and Home Partnerships.

These include commendations for:

·      The leadership for putting philosophy and research-based practice into action to create multiple opportunities for each student and teacher to engage in learning and teaching to fulfil their best potential.

·      The SLT and teachers for flexibility in creating learning opportunities and a
flexible schedule to prioritise the care of students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

·      The board of governors and school leadership for the implementation of the +1 Centre to create a formal learning situation for students with diverse learning needs.

·      The head of school for being a highly visible leader who models the school values, is held in high esteem, and has gained the respect and support of the school community through decisive leadership, approachability, and genuine care and concern for them and their families.

·      The SLT and teachers for the development of the diverse options for exploration and personalised learning offered through Curriculum X, Free Learning, Deep Learning, etc. to allow for stronger development of lifelong learning and intercultural skills for the students.

·      The languages department for a comprehensive and well- articulated language programme that allows students to explore culture and identity in line with the school guiding principles.

·      The SLT, outdoor education team, sustainability coordinator, and teachers for the many and consistent efforts to enrich students' learning and experiences with the intentional and well-planned use of the school surrounding spaces and community.

·      The Chinese department for deploying an array of resources and strategies in their teaching that go beyond the standard curricula in order to drive student learning.

·      The senior leadership team and the wider school for embodying the 5+1 model and creating a professional and trusting working environment.

·      The year 7 team for creating a comprehensive transition programme that
enhances continuity of learning and ensures well-being as students transition into the school.

·      The learning support and +1 Centre teams for working with staff in partner primary schools to ensure continuity of provision for students with learning support needs.

·      The Human Technologies team for creating an innovative course that
prepares students for life beyond school.

·      The higher education advisors for developing good relationships with
students that allows them to respond to students’ individual needs with their university/college and careers counselling services.

·      The sustainability coordinator and the environmental action group for the significant and relevant initial approaches to environmental stewardship the school has embarked on, offering further possibilities for students to live the school values of environment for sustainable living and learning.

·      Teachers for using Gibbon to provide meaningful feedback to parents about
students’ holistic development that encourages a growth mindset in alignment with the school’s guiding statements. 

The aim of the whole process was to demonstrate our commitment to high quality international education and ensure that we are continually improving and keeping up with leading international education standards.

We are very pleased with the report and more than anything, the recognition that the holistic welfare of students is at the heart of our philosophy.

The report states: “ICHK is a caring community that ensures members feel a strong sense of belonging and connection.

“The school provides a safe and nurturing environment where the well-being of all students is a priority. ICHK has cultivated an environment where students have multiple opportunities to thrive. ICHK’s commitment to well-being is clear and is infused in all aspects of school life. During recent challenging times, the school has prioritised student well-being. As a small community that some students described as “like family”, students’ well-being needs are known by teachers and leaders, who are able to respond to those needs in a timely and effective way.

“The respectful caring environment provided to students at the school is highly valued. The ICHK community, students, staff, and parents work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect to create a positive learning environment. Students are engaged in their learning, happy to be at school, and are focussed on achieving to the best of their ability. Students are articulate, invariably treat each other and teachers with respect, greet visitors warmly, and take obvious pride in their school."


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