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Award Certificate

Nothing in school is innocent - everything carries meaning, sends a message and teaches a lesson. The ways in which we talk to each other on a day to day basis, the frames of mind we bring to transactions, the attitudes we adopt to challenge, how we handle disagreement, the ease with which we forgive errors and misjudgements, our orientation to change and our willingness to harmonise with others, all these instruct the community in how to live quite as much as the lessons in Mathematics, History, Drama or English.

With this in mind, we recognise how vital it is to use every opportunity available to us to promote the values we want our students to embody. As a school that is not just about academics, but which sincerely believes in the holistic development of young people as all-round learners and as good people, we are establishing a tradition that celebrates this goal.

At the end of each term, we award certificates for three categories of achievement - Growth Mindset, Courage in the Learning Zone and Support of Peers. We celebrate these qualities in the belief that they are central to our mission and vision as a school.

We commend students who, whatever their starting point, demonstrate their belief in the efficacy of hard work, risk taking, fortitude, and diligent endeavour. We acclaim those who are resilient and fearless, no matter how many knocks they take. We praise those who envisage school not as a zero-sum game, with winners and losers, champions and also-rans, but as a shared journey towards betterment and growth. A journey on which we are all equally worthwhile fellow-travellers, supporting each other with acts of mutual generosity, care, acceptance and accommodation.

Our Category B scholarship programme recognises these values and scholarships are awarded to the outstanding student in each of the three categories. The winners will have exemplified what we hold to be the most vital attributes for any purposeful learner: belief that effort pays off and the commitment to prove it; the courage to take risks and to endure when things get tough; and a determination to help others, too, in their efforts to improve and to share their strengths as learners.

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