International College Hong Kong

3D Printed Logo

This object was 3D printed at ICHK in June 2018 and I think it is the perfect object that represents two of the most wonderful projects that ICHK has undergone in my seven years here.

3D printing was brought into ICHK a few years ago, as part of CAS+ Week, and has since become an internal specialism for a number of staff and students. It has since had impacts on a wide range of initiatives at the school - CAS week activities, Deep Learning activities and we have even had IB students help demonstrate it at school wide events.

The other project this object represents is, of course, our annual Science Fair. I have been fortunate enough to have been the first Head of Science to have started this annual event at ICHK and have helped coordinate it for three years in a row. I have always loved witnessing students work together on their Science Fair projects and the atmosphere at the event is always very positive and exciting.

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