International College Hong Kong
Sep 11, 2023

Tree Plantation Project

Year 9 students are helping with a tree planting project along the Nam Chung Country Trail.

They are learning about the AFCD Plantation Enrichment Programme and helping to fertilise, weed and maintain an area of newly planted native trees along the Trail.

Over the years, students have benefited from trips to this area and the project is a chance for them to give something back to the local community.

Each year 9 class in turn is taking part in an outdoor learning excursion in Nam Chung, learning about the project and getting involved in hands-on work.

The aim of the project is to improve biodiversity and allow more native trees to become established in the country parks around our school.

Organised by the outdoor learning department, the days are providing opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, combining history, geography and science.

Students from 9.3 enjoyed a day this week, completing a tree survey in the area and fertilising saplings. They then took part in some problem solving activities around Nam Chung stream.

We are proud of our close community links and we are very pleased to be supporting this project.

It is providing students with opportunities to serve the community and make a difference, helping them to become people who are collaborative, considerate, dependable, ethical and proactive, which is central to our approaches.

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