International College Hong Kong
Nov 16, 2023

Sports Day Message

Raymond Chan is Director of Creativity: Deep Learning and Head of PE.

“The greatest wealth is health”  

This quotation is often attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson but echoes a line of thought that goes back through the ages and can be traced from ancient scriptures to modern gurus like Joe Wicks.

Naturally, Sports Day conjures up associations with physical health and it’s an occasion we use to challenge and test our bodies. Are you curious about how fast you can run, or how far you can jump or  throw an object? It can also be interesting to see who can actually run the fastest, throw the farthest, or jump the highest, or which Dynasty has the best athletes this year.  Today gives us the opportunity for friendly competition, and to practise the grace, kindness and sportsmanship required for winning and losing.

However, let’s not forget that health also includes other aspects of our wellbeing. ICHK is genuine in its emphasis on positive mental wellbeing.  PERMA is something that both students and staff are familiar with and we often say that it underpins the school.  Sport is filled with positive emotions and experiences. You may experience pure joy and happiness through the thrill of participating and the sense of accomplishment. Team spirit fosters unity, support, and shared purpose. Achieving personal goals and witnessing team success can evoke feelings of pride and self-esteem. 

Sport provides opportunities for building and strengthening friendships. It brings people together, fostering unity, inclusivity, and shared experiences. Overall, sports days can create memorable and uplifting experiences for everyone involved.

These days sport can be significant business and it’s often of huge importance in people’s lives. It’s quite easy to forget it’s just a game. Whilst we can learn a lot from playing games and they can serve a serious purpose, they are still just games!  Today especially, but in life generally, I hope that you will always have that spirit of simple play at the forefront of your minds and enjoy yourselves.

Fortunately, we are at a school that often has events for the sake of enjoyment and I hope you can make the most of these opportunities..

Have fun! Play hard! Be nice! It's all just a game!

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