International College Hong Kong
May 22, 2023

Sharing Ideas and Expertise

ICHK joined other Hong Kong schools for a makers event.

Four teachers and our SRC President attended ‘STEAMing and Making Makers 2023’ at Renaissance College.

The aim was to share ideas about how to get students to think creatively and learn key skills such as designing, problem solving, perseverance and collaboration - as often as possible without screens.

The group attended hands-on workshops, sharing learning about STEAM and maker space programmes with other schools.

Director of Technology and Assessment Ross Parker gave a presentation entitled ‘Screens That Eat Children’ offering a broad look at living, parenting and teaching in an age of digital devices. ICHK’s approaches to IT learning were shared and participants invited to ponder the impact of screens on children and adults alike.

Free Learning Teacher and Learning Systems Specialist Sandra Kuipers ran a workshop on board game design. The aim was to introduce participants to the social and cognitive benefits of modern board gaming and the creative aspects of students creating their own board games. Board game design has many interdisciplinary connections while engaging students in logic, strategy, probability, interaction, communication, and negotiation. Participants learned about board game mechanics while working to make and play a simple game.

We were delighted to join this event in person again, which has recently been held online because of the pandemic, and to share learning and expertise with other educators from Hong Kong.

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