International College Hong Kong

School Rules

The school "rules" at ICHK Secondary are simple – work hard and be nice.

These five words are at the heart of everything we do, with all students encouraged to work hard at being who they want to be.

This approach links to the epistemic apprenticeship, which is built into the fabric of the school, providing guidance and role modelling for every aspect of students’ performance.

This far exceeds just academic work. It encompasses the social, emotional and values-driven dimensions of students’ lives which, in reality, will be the part that stays with them when all the stuff they have learned is long forgotten. 
 Essentially it is about creating an environment and opportunities to serve an apprenticeship in being the best you can be.

Students at ICHK are frequently reminded to work hard at producing themselves and that being nice should be a part of that if their community is to thrive. This sign, which takes pride of place on the wall in our Head of School’s office, is a signal of the importance of the project.

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