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Jun 03, 2024

Round 4 of Deep Learning

An amazing round of Deep Learning has been enjoyed by students.

They have taken part in an incredible series of creative experiences, extending learning beyond the classroom, and delving into a feature of the curriculum in more detail.

A total of 28 units were on offer with something for all interests, whether the Arts, Humanities, Science or Sport. The core principle is that all units offer opportunities to develop a range of transferable skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, the ability to work under pressure and with good humour, which we believe are at the heart of education.

Students travelled all over the city, meeting different people and gathering a huge amount of knowledge in the process.

A Business, Trade and Working in HK group learned about the development of money and banking in Hong Kong and how different organisations and corporate companies are organised. They visited a number of locations, and were given an inside view of Disneyland and how it operates.

The Creeped Out in Wan Chai team travelled across Hong Kong, solving riddles and mysteries whilst learning about its history, geography and culture. Another group learned how to become a Dungeon Master in the Dungeons and Dragons unit, developing skills of storytelling, acting, improvisation, character building, and game management.

The Film Lab unit introduced students to film production techniques including basic cinematography and editing skills. A Handcraft group learned how to use sustainable natural and organic ingredients to make soap, hand lotion and candles.

The Costume and Set Design group spent time designing and creating the visual elements for our forthcoming school production Subzero. In the Court of Law unit, students visited the Court of Final Appeals, LegCo and attended a question and answer session with a barrister. A ‘Food and Culture’ group completed a study into the history and culture surrounding wheat, and enjoyed a series of cooking and food tasting experiences.

Another group spent time working as teachers with students in our partner primary schools, whilst others enjoyed sailing, scuba diving, 3D printing and board game design.

Other students enjoyed a deep dive into the world of rugby 7s and content creation, in This is 7s, led by Wales and GB7s captain Luke Treharne.

In Maths and Science in HK, students travelled across the city, pondering the scientific processes that have shaped our natural world, exploring forces and unravelling hidden mathematical patterns. A Sport E group allowed students to explore relatively niche sports which are not normally found within the PE curriculum, including snow sports in South China. Other students were hard at work at school, rehearsing for our annual production, Subzero.

In Asia’s World City, students learned about some of the most important historical and cultural events through a practical exploration of the city and what it has to offer. A Faces of War group explored Hong Kong and Macau, considering the horrors of war and examining it from a variety of perspectives.

A Trees unit allowed students to explore the environmental and cultural importance of trees in Hong Kong and discover the special relationship between the trees and insects on our nature trail. Students in the Village People group took part in a series of purposeful and sustainable activities including bread baking, pasta making and hiking. Others spent time exploring waterfalls, abseiling, swimming and stream hiking.

DL4 was the final iteration of four Deep Learning experiences for students this year. Every term they enjoy a period of immersive learning, practical opportunities and real life experiences outside of the confines of the classroom, which we believe challenge many of the established norms of mainstream education.

We thank all the staff members who worked so hard to provide such an amazing range of learning opportunities.

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