International College Hong Kong

Kiln Oven

In October 2018 the first of a series of kiln ovens was built at ICHK. As part of a special Deep Learning unit, students spent time considering different types of stove designs, learned how to build using bricks and mortar, and then cooked their very first meals using the wok.

This exciting study programme introduced them to construction, whilst teaching them vital skills of collaboration, problem solving, leadership and teamwork. They gained new knowledge in the areas of humanities, culture, society and food along the way.

The activity was inspired by the wood fuelled stoves in traditional village houses. These versatile cooking tools cater for large numbers, and we hope that ours can be used for this very purpose on occasions when we can explore the power of cooking and food sharing technologies for the cohesion of communities.

We are exciting to be developing more of our own kilns in school, and the possibilities for culinary experiences that this will lead to.

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