International College Hong Kong

Julius Wu

Computer Science and Data Science, University of British Columbia

What did you most enjoy about your time at ICHK?

I enjoyed the smaller environment compared with other schools, where everyone in the campus knows each other and is willing to help each other when needed. Being in a small environment gives a sense of being home, creating closer bonds between students and teachers. Teachers and my friends were often willing to push each other out of their comfort zones to try new things, and challenge each other mentally and physically.

How do you feel that teachers at ICHK prepared you for life after school?

Teachers at ICHK are always respectful and helpful toward the students. Their resources are always there when needed. After having a chat with Mr Parker about university and majoring in computer science and getting his full support, I decided to pursue a course in computer science and data science. It wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I did it.

How do you think that ICHK differs from other schools?

ICHK is a great school, a smaller community where students and teachers are always willing to help and to grow each other.

What were the key skills that you learnt at ICHK?

Leadership, being independent, and stepping out of my comfort zone

Any significant moments / highlights / achievements in your life that you may like to share, and do you think your time at ICHK helped you prepare for them?

I would never have thought of running my own clubs at university. I was the head chair of IEEE UBC Okanagan branch and the computer science representative for the school. I also am in the process of publishing a computer science research paper with my professor at my university. Four years ago I wouldn’t have thought of doing what I did during my time in the university. I would like to thank ICHK and the IB program for always pushing me to the limit and allowing me to step out of my comfort zone.

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