International College Hong Kong
Aug 21, 2019

Induction to Year 7

A very successful Induction Programme has been completed by our new students.

Our new Year 7s proved to be great listeners, patient with one another and growth orientated.

The programme offered the perfect opportunity for our Year 7  team to get to know the new additions to our community.

Students were given an introduction to the PERMA model of Positive Psychology which underpins all teaching and learning at the school.

They spent time learning about ‘state management’, understanding their own wellbeing, and how they can respond and react to their different emotional states.

The key message of the day was that ICHK is a 'safe-fail' environment and that they should feel no anxiety at all about their move to a new school.

Learning how to guide their attention, how to manage their emotional states and how to recognise when something is becoming difficult or unsustainable and how to effect change, will be further developed over the coming weeks and months through our tutorial programme, where students will explore resilience, mental health and wellbeing.

We were very impressed by the enthusiasm and confidence shown by all who have joined our community, and by the energy levels of all our other students who returned to school yesterday.

We now look forward to another productive year ahead.

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