International College Hong Kong
Dec 07, 2020

Human Technologies Learning

Year 7s have been developing their teamwork and communication skills through our groundbreaking Human Technologies curriculum.

They have been working together to build shelters, showing creativity, learning how to solve problems, showing perseverance and entering into a flow of high engagement.

These are all the skills we aim to develop through our HT programme, which is the centrepiece of the ways in which we continue to change education for the better. The curriculum encourages students to experience school in more positive ways, whilst developing a profound sense of the art and craft of being human.

Year 7s all follow the HT programme, which continues to Year 10. Our core aim is to educate them to be resourceful, resilient, collaborative, open-minded, ethical, accepting of others, sustainable in their habits, and more inclined to take the long view. We want them to have a profound and positive sense of the art and craft of being human.

The shelter building activity is one of a number of practical learning opportunities designed for our youngest students.

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