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Mar 13, 2018

Human Technologies Expansion

We are delighted to announce that ICHK’s pioneering Human Technologies curriculum is to be shared in Australia.

Kirwan State High School in Queensland has adopted the programme after school leaders were so impressed by the insights it offers.

A working partnership has been developed between ICHK and the school, after a visit from its Executive Principal Meredith Wenta two years ago.

Meredith was one of the co-leaders of the Council of International Schools Visiting Team, which assessed ICHK as part of its official accreditation.

A highly experienced school leader, Meredith took some of the key insights from Human Technologies back to KSHS, and began working on introducing the beginnings of their own version of the programme.

It has gone so well and shown such promise that Meredith returned to ICHK this week, together with the school's Principal, Murray James, to catch up with developments in HT and to work out how, going forward, our schools can collaborate in growing the programme.

ICHK Head of School Toby Newton will be visiting KSHS in May to conduct whole staff professional development, as well as working more closely with the specialist team teaching Human Technologies in the school.

Meredith said: "We are really looking forward to the visit in May. You have built an outstanding learning environment at ICHK and we feel very privileged to be working with you and your staff."

This initiative fits perfectly with our plans to deepen and extend HT next year and to continue to publicise the insights and opportunities it offers through conferences. Senior leaders from ICHK will be sharing the programme in prestigious educational conferences in Lisbon, Singapore and Berlin later this month, having already presented at other global showcases.

It is a real honour to be invited to participate in these events, and we look forward to engaging in the high quality conversations that result.

Ultimately, we want HT to be available as a curriculum strand to any and all interested schools around the world. We are confident that it's that good.

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