International College Hong Kong
Sep 19, 2022

Deep Learning Returns

A very memorable three days of Deep Learning have been experienced by students.

The return of our innovative programme saw them engaged in an incredible range of exciting and creative study units.

Students from Years 7-9 completed studies into food and culture, water sports, pottery, climbing and woodwork. They enjoyed 3D printing, board game design, sports kit design and handcraft. Students also learned about Hong Kong in literature and street art in the territory. Others enjoyed building a treehouse during forest adventures in the Ma On Shan Country Park.

Our students worked in and out of school, making their way to different parts of the territory for our now well-established programme – meeting different people and acquiring a huge amount of new knowledge along the way.

Year 7s all enjoyed an introductory unit into wellbeing and positive thinking which underpins everything we do at ICHK, taking part in a variety of experiences from canyoning, to exploring nature to kendo.

Opportunities like these are central to our approaches at ICHK, as our philosophy is grounded in the conviction that young people should be supported in developing their all-round characters if they are to produce themselves as confident, self-directed, ambitious, and fearless learners.

Teachers reported an impressive amount of engagement, growth and new learning.

DL1 was the first iteration of what will be a total of five Deep Learning experiences for students this year. They will enjoy a total of 18 days of immersive learning, practical opportunities and real life experiences outside of the confines of the classroom, designed to expand and intensify their appreciation of life's challenges in new and different ways.

We thank all the staff members who worked so hard to provide such an amazing range of learning opportunities and we look forward to another round of Deep Learning in October.

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