International College Hong Kong

Cherie Chan

Finance, Accounting and Management, University of Nottingham

What did you most enjoy about your time at ICHK?

I enjoyed the sense of community at ICHK during my time here. All of my teachers and classmates were very supportive of me which made me feel comfortable studying here. I also enjoyed the various activities that I was able to both join and initiate, allowing me to step outside of my comfort zone as well as to build connections and relationships with my classmates and teachers. 

How do you feel that teachers at ICHK prepared you for life after school?

Teachers at ICHK are very caring by making sure that we are well prepared for not only school work and exams, but also with the skills needed to advance into university and eventually our careers. They would encourage us to interact with them by asking questions and making sure that we understood important concepts, allowing us to express our opinions as well as for us to stay on top of our schedules. The support and guidance I received from my teachers, especially during my IB studies were reassuring, which I am sure will prepare me to handle the stress in university.  

How do you think that ICHK differs from other schools?

I think the community spirit ICHK has is unique and is what differentiates it from other schools. The school motto, ‘work hard and be nice’ was heavily emphasised throughout my studies and the concept is definitely apparent. The small school aspect of ICHK also creates a sense of a tight knit community as most students will know everyone in the year. 

What were the key skills that you learnt at ICHK?

Having been in the student council for two years and having initiated a few school events during my IB studies, I acquired skills such as leadership, organisation and communicating with others effectively. Additionally, I also learnt how to manage my time efficiently, especially in my final years of school during IB.  

Any significant moments / highlights / achievements in your life that you may like to share, and do you think your time at ICHK helped you prepare for them?

A significant moment in my life that my time at ICHK has helped me to achieve is participating in the Junior Achievers Award Programme, where secondary schools from all around Hong Kong compete with each other by forming businesses. Our business was able to not only break even but also earn a profit in the end, where every shareholder was able to receive a good sum of dividends. Not only did this programme help me leave my comfort zone, I also enjoyed starting up a business with my fellow classmates and the overall experience. The skills I have learnt will definitely benefit me in my future studies and career.

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