International College Hong Kong
Jan 20, 2020

Art Collaboration

Secondary students visited ICHK Primary for the first of a series of art collaborations.

A group of Year 7 students visited to find out more about indigo dyeing.

A naturally fermented indigo vat has been developed at school in recent months. Year 5 students have been exploring how to make natural fabric dyes out of different fruits, vegetables and plants.

Indigo is a dark blue dye that’s made from the indigo plant and is best known as the signature colour of blue jeans. It requires a special fermentation process and the colour transforms from green to blue before your eyes as it oxidizes in the air.

The Year 7 students were able to use the vat, learn about the traditional Shibori dyeing techniques and create some indigo-dyed pieces of their own.

The project was part of a collaborative approach to art by our Visual Arts teacher Kelsey Long and Secondary Art and Design Teacher Amy Thibeault.

Looking ahead Year 5 students will be working on creating murals around the school campus. Secondary students, who have experience in creating school murals will be invited to support and give advice on their work.

We are very proud of our close partnership with ICHK Secondary and these initiatives are designed to connect our curricula and share expertise.

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