International College Hong Kong

Alris Chan

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Alris is a IB Diploma graduate 2016.

Everyone knows ICHK is a small and sweet community, not so much friends as brothers and sisters! I am going to talk more about the academic sides of ICHK and the university prospects that many parents will be concerned about.

Since the classes in ICHK are very small, teachers really get to know each student extremely well. That’s not only important in learning, but also the advice teachers gave us about our future was invaluable. I was so fortunate to have had a group of supportive teachers who knew my personality and abilities thoroughly. Teachers who not only knew me well, they also wrote excellent recommendation and reference letters for me, which was absolutely key for getting university offers.

ICHK has teachers with an overview of different universities in different parts of the world, making sure that every student finds what they need and gets appropriate help. The environment for senior students is great as well. I always made use of the common room and library to study.

In general, ICHK has a very good study atmosphere and teacher and students are all very supportive.

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