Curriculum X

Curriculum X encompasses everything that ICHK Secondary offers beyond the traditional curriculum. This framework has been developed and refined for a number of years, through our innovations to timetable, curriculum and pedagogy.

It includes Human Technologies, Free Learning, Deep Learning, Enrichment and Flow and Outdoor Learning, all of which serve to offer our students more choice, more flexibility, different work practices and more opportunities to develop skills and attributes which are not addressed by examinations.

We believe that these unique innovations, developed at ICHK, put us ahead of the curve as the rapid need for educational change becomes more and more apparent.

Through the initiatives, we introduce new passions and open students’ eyes to something new. What that is very much depends on the student. For some it will be helping a primary school child in a waterfall during a Wild Science day. For another it will be a hike or a day in a canyon. For someone else it will be learning teamwork in Human Technologies and for another, volunteering at Crossroads Foundation.

For many it will be the chance to try something completely new, such as Cantonese Opera, water sports, or glass-blowing, and to try it not just as a one-off experience but knowing that they are sharing in a passion of one of their teachers who will be there to support them in the journey if it becomes their passion too.

Through a combination of Curriculum X and traditional school subjects, we are able to value and recognise our students for all their attributes, capabilities, passions, achievements, and interests, not just for their academic abilities. At the same time, we are pushing the boundaries and expectations with regards to what secondary education could and should offer young people.

We are pleased to share this new video from Director of Out of Class and Experiential Education Douglas Kidd, in which he shares insights into Curriculum X and our outdoor education programme.


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