Teacher Voices

Teacher Voices

Testimonials from within our teacher community.

“ICHK is in a uniquely beautiful part of Hong Kong. Around us are mangrove systems, fishponds and terracing built by Hakka settlers, Starling Inlet, the waterfalls and pools of Ping Nam stream, the mountains of Robin’s Nest, relics from the British and Japanese occupations and beautiful old and abandoned villages. The extent to which students can hike, swim, climb, cycle, farm, experiment, study and explore in these diverse ecosystems is unique in all Hong Kong.” – Doug Kidd, Deputy Head of School

“ICHK is unique because it is a small community and everyone knows everyone, which means each and every individual needs could be catered. Both in class and off class, the teachers here are always willing to offer help and assistance to the students when needed.” – Emma Zhang, Teacher of Chinese

“A real community school, meaning we value our team and our relationships with each other. We are a small school, we can more easily make a difference in our learning styles and the pursuit of learning. ” – Leah Tsao, Teacher of Chinese

“ICHK is unique because of our size; everyone knows each other and is very accepting and supportive of each other across all year groups. Staff and students are encouraged to be risk-takers, feeling safe to try new ideas and be different.” – Jimmy Lam, Head of Mathematics

“Our curriculum focuses on developing the whole child. Highlights include our forest schools programme, Maths mindset teaching, character strengths and a strong emphasis on wellbeing and mindfulness. With this, empowered teachers strive to help students flourish in a strong community supported environment.” – Krista Matich, Teacher of Primary

“ICHK provides a genuinely artistic and nurturing environment to stimulate both students and teachers alike to be creative learners.” – Chris Cook, Teacher of Art

“ICHK is unique because we all understand everyone is a different individual and respect it. We not only celebrate people’s achievements, but also value the effort people have made to make progress.” – Amanda Luk, Exams Officer & Teacher of Chinese

“One of the things I’ve always appreciated about ICHK is that it really does have a community feel. Students of all ages and teachers know one another even if they haven’t yet been in the same class. Students feel comfortable seeking advice from any teacher, regardless of whether they’ve been in that teacher’s class.” – Chris Holland, Teacher of Mathematics

“ICHK creates a safe learning environment and a progressive ethos that promotes innovative teaching and creative thinking.” – Alistair Kanaan, Teacher Of Film & Spanish

“We are a school that genuinely puts the child at the centre of all we strive for. A space for learning where innovation and wellbeing can marry and flourish; we have a community of staff, pupils and parents, each a lifelong learner. Our small size is intentional: we can evolve with best practice in education, and we develop and foster creative thinking within our staff to action great ideas that come from within.” – Lawrence Thompson, Teacher of Primary

“ICHK is unique in being a genuinely ‘fail-safe’ environment which encourages innovation in teaching and learning.” – Phil Morgan, Director of Creativity

“Our primary school is unique because we nurture the same values from  the nursery roots through to year six. Learning happens through dedicated teaching staff who develop courage, kindness, confidence and independence in the students through enjoyable, varied and empowering learning experiences.” – Rachel Chan, Teacher of Primary

“ICHK is unique because it is the only school where a garden can be set up in a classroom or someone might be building a bike ramp or a child might be abseiling down the school building. That is just a normal day.” – Jamie Holden, Teacher of Mathematics

“ICHK is unique because we truly value our students and develop their own strengths. Students’ happiness is always our priority and teachers always work as a team to help students to believe in themselves.” – Sammi Chan, Learning Support Teacher

“ICHK is unique in many ways. Our 5 + 1 model lives and breathes within our community – we (both students and teachers) are constantly having adult-to-adult conversations with each other; our teachers are always seeking ways to develop their teaching in lessons to make them more “romantic”/”philosophical”; students (and teachers!) encourage each other to step out of our comfort zones; and being a small, close-knit school, the level of individual support we are able to provide students is also very high.” – Flora Lai, IB Coordinator

“Many of our relationships at ICHK evidence a genuine desire on the part of students and teachers to approach each other as OK adults in the here and now. The result of this is that a lot of the friction found in most schools, the “us vs them”, is no longer the default position, allowing us to develop and employ new scripts which promote learning rather than mere compliance.

Building upon this adult-adult foundation we have been able to challenge many of the assumptions that underpin traditional schooling, and to begin to chip away at some of the structures that inhibit us. Over time, this has grown a culture of positive and collaborative innovation, in which students and teachers are far better able to support each other in learning.” – Ross Parker, Director of Technology, Pedagogy & Assessment

“ICHK is unique because every student is encouraged to step out of their comfort zone to try new things, ie every student has chance to try different sports, arts, languages, etc. We do not select student to represent our school to join competitions, instead, as long as students show interests, they are encouraged to represent ICHK for various competitions.” – Scarlette Leung, Teacher of Chinese

“ICHK is unique because it follows through with the same guiding principles from kindergarten through to the end of secondary school. We value the development of individuals through supportive and encouraging relationships at all stages of a child’s education.” – Lynda Sze, Teacher of Kindergarten