Sport is an important element of the curriculum at ICHK, and forms a vital part of
the fabric of our community.

An extensive programme is offered and the school’s unique locations provide students with unrivalled opportunities and outdoor experiences.

At primary, we run a comprehensive programme and our spacious grounds and large playing field gives students the chance to take part in a variety of sports.

Many represent the school in different competitions including football, hockey, rugby, swimming, athletics, netball and basketball. We provide swimming lessons, have a cross-country running club and participate in sporting events all over Hong Kong.

In the early years, we run a well researched Perceptual Motor Program, which teaches children vital skills including movement and the development of perceptions and language. Children take part in vision tracking exercises and activities like jumping, skipping and ball games which all help with balance and movement, fitness and hand-eye coordination. These skills and activities help children in many aspects of formal school learning and development.

In addition, Personal, Social and Health Education is taught by our Physical Education staff as a specific subject. The aim is to equip our youngest students for their journey towards adulthood.

At secondary, our key aim is to challenge students to develop character through sport and physical activity. We ask students to step out of their comfort zone and challenge them to grow in an environment driven by values such as determination, resilience, ambition, self belief and confidence, honesty, integrity, commitment and sportsmanship.

Health includes not only physical well being but also mental and social well being. Thus, we seek to create an environment in which all students feel comfortable and able to represent the school in a sporting context, striking a balance between success and participation. We believe that this contributes towards the formation of lasting friendships and fond memories and that it also contributes to the academic achievement of students through enhanced self esteem and the development of character and virtue, including the traits embodied in the IB Learner Profile.

Our vision is to be the leading school for Touch Rugby in Hong Kong and to be known within the wider community for our sportsmanship and enjoyment of hiking and outdoor pursuits.

Different sporting options are rotated during the year, to ensure students take part in a wide variety of activities. Football, touch rugby, handball, badminton, field hockey, climbing, table tennis, rounders, netball, cricket, ball hockey, volleyball, basketball, orienteering, ultimate Frisbee and kabbadi are all included in the curriculum, along with our unique College Rules.

Thanks to our unique location, we are able to offer a diverse extra curricular activities progreamme, and students are able to make full use of the nearby coastline and country parks for hiking, sailing, kayaking, cross country running and cycling.

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