Small By Design

Small By Design

ICHK is a small community school. It is intentionally small and our policies, approaches and culture all flow from this deliberate decision.

We are guided by research that indicates that small communities do a better job of recognizing and catering for the needs of their members.

Small classes allow our teachers to design and deliver their lessons to meet the needs of individual students.

With a low student to teacher ratio, learners receive the individual attention and guidance they need; there is a high degree of interaction between teacher and student, and also between students, which is key to our learning philosophy.

Students with a specific interest or passion are more likely to find these noticed and built upon, while learners experiencing difficulty are quickly identified and issues rapidly addressed. Teachers are also more likely to notice any changes in behaviour or performance immediately and are able to take the necessary steps to address these issues right away.

A small academic organisation can provide the assurance that many parents seek for their children and for their own relationship with a school.

Community spirit is encouraged in the small environment. Strong relationships can be developed across the home – school partnership and school leaders can be far more involved with individual students than they could be in a larger school situation. At ICHK, staff pride themselves on knowing every child by name.

A smaller student body also offers greater opportunity for each student to experience participation and leadership growth. It is a circle that promotes a sense of belonging in students: a sense of pride in their community, their school, and themselves.

A small school allows for flexibility within the curriculum. At ICHK we recognise that one size does not fit all, and there is strong investment in personalised education. A Free Learning programme, unique courses like Human Technologies and a diverse activities programme, all help to broaden and enrich learning.

But there is nothing small about the international education students receive at ICHK. An innovative curriculum, strong exam results and a history of adding value, provide an international education that is deeply connected to Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.