Mastery Transcript

ICHK Secondary is proud to be a member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC), working to push forward the boundaries of assessment.

This initiative was started in the USA by Scott Looney, Head of School at Hawken School, Ohio. Following his long-term dissatisfaction with the US education’s grading system of SATs and GPAs, Scott decided to bring together like-minded schools in seeking a meaningful alternative – one that would value young people for all their attributes, capabilities, passions and interests and not just for their mooted “academic ability”.

Scott has orchestrated a coming together of schools not only in America, but increasingly around the world. And it has all been achieved by word of mouth, with the news spreading by virtue of genuine enthusiasts for change hearing of his efforts through educational blogs and podcasts.

Membership of the Consortium is limited to those who can prove a sincere intention to work towards the Consortium’s ends – to develop an alternative form of qualification that features no grades, is not ‘standardised’ and yet which can be processed by the best university admission officers within two minutes. We were proud to be accepted as a member school immediately on application on the strength of the work we are doing with Human Technologies, Deep Learning, real-time reporting through Gibbon and investment in Attitudes to Learning.

Scott estimates it will take between eight to ten years to establish the first cohorts of students leaving school with a Mastery Transcript, either in addition to or instead of other examined qualifications such as the IB Diploma and A Level. We look forward to participating in and contributing to the journey.

In the meantime we have already awarded our first ICHK Diploma which aligns exactly with the aims of the MTC.