Our Graduates

Our Graduates

We are very proud of our graduates who have secured places at prestigious universities around the world. Many have secured coveted university scholarship and been elected into student leadership roles by their peers.

Caelan Hermans

Law & Drama, Victoria University of Wellington

Caelan Hermans spent seven years at ICHK and is studying at the Victoria University of Wellington.

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Sanika Kulkarni

BA in Comparative Literature, Language and Communication, The University of Hong Kong

Sanika Kulkarni says the wealth of experiences she was exposed to at ICHK have given her the confidence to embrace new challenges.

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Harry Laidler

Sedbergh School

Harry spent three years at ICHK before relocating to the UK. He is currently studying at Sedbergh School.

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Peony Tan

Medicine, University of New South Wales

Peony Tan is studying Medicine at the University of New South Wales in Australia. She says that the teachers at ICHK prepared her well for the challenges of university life.

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Moria Onuselogu

Biomedical Science, HKU

Moria Onuselogu is studying Biomedical Science at HKU, and enjoyed the wide range of opportunities available at ICHK.

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Katrina Cranfield

Chemistry, Loughborough University

Katrina Cranfield spent seven years at ICHK and says the school was transformative for her.

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Jonathan Yim

Financial Economics, St Andrew’s University

Jonathan spent seven years at ICHK and attained a maximum IB score of 45 points. He is now studying at St Andrew’s University.

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Julius Wu

Computer Science and Data Science, University of British Columbia

Julius has just graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Data Science from the University of British Columbia.

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Rei Ishimizu

Armed Forces, Japan

Rei Ishimizu is currently serving in the Japanese military and credits ICHK with preparing him for the challenges he has faced beyond school.

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Ellen Docherty-Fitzgerald

Contemporary Theatre and Performance BA, Manchester Metropolitan University

Ellen spent four years at ICHK and says her time at the school has been invaluable in preparing her for the demands of university. She is currently studying for a Contemporary Theatre and Performance BA at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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Queenie Hon

Psychology, University of Bath

Queenie Hon is studying Psychology at the University of Bath. She credits many of her achievements to the encouragement and environment she encountered at ICHK.

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Kelsie Bouttle

Hong Kong Rugby Team & Medicine, University of Queensland.

Kelsie Bouttle spent seven years at ICHK, and has represented Hong Kong for rugby. She is studying Medicine at the University of Queensland.

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Selene Lee

Central Saint Martins

Selene Lee spent six years at ICHK and is currently studying at Central Saint Martins.

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Alris Chan

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Alris is a IB Diploma graduate 2016 who is now studying at HKUST and a HKUST Business school student ambassador.

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Vincent de Bont

Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Vincent de Bont is studying Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. He says that he flourished after joining ICHK.

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