Approaches To Learning – Primary

Approaches To Learning - Primary

ICHK is a warm, friendly yet challenging and stimulating community.

At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to the individual. Our school is student-centred and community minded, where children feel cared for and can flourish in a nurturing environment.

After setting the standard for kindergarten and primary education for more than 35 years, we are proud to have created a culture where every student and staff member is recognised and valued.

Our approaches to learning are collaborative, differentiated and inquiry based. Our Wellbeing Policy underpins all teaching and learning at school. We value the link between emotional wellbeing and academic achievement , and we know that happy children are the best learners. Our dedicated staff go to huge lengths to ensure that our students are well supported and cared for. We believe in encouraging and fostering the talents of every child, and are committed to ensuring that every child is happy and motivated to learn.

The development of a Growth Mindset is central in our approaches to learning, and all students are taught about the importance of effort and resilience, and assessed in line with this philosophy.

Mindfulness is included in all classes because of the benefits for learning, concentration and stress reduction. Activities, including yoga for children and staff, help to promote wellbeing.

We have developed our own student well-being survey, to gain a greater insight into the attitudes to school and learning that our students hold.

Our unique professional learning model model aims to build a world-class whole school team, which continues to grow and evolve for the benefit of the community, students and staff. Professional Development opportunities are centred on positive education, and we aim to be recognised as a global centre-of-excellence for the way we develop our people.

Ours is a school which invests in people. Collaboration, personalised learning and a commitment to the individual, ensuring that at ICHK, everyone can grow, flourish and thrive.


ICHK Kindergarten is accepting applications for Pre-Nursery and Nursery children born in 2019.

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